It can be inconvenient moving in the winter but in this market could it be worth it?

There are some big advantages to selling your home in the winter, lets have a look at just a few!

Less competition- Most sellers wait until spring to put their home up for sale. Some listed properties even get taken off the market because the sellers don't want the hassle over the holidays. With a low inventory level of houses already there is even more reason to list your home over the winter. With no competition your chances of selling your home faster and for a higher price goes way up!

More time to consider offers- With buyers only looking at a few houses over the winter months, you have more time to consider the offer and make sure everything is a good fit for you. Offers submitted over the winter are typically more serious, for a couple reasons; If buyers are taking time out of their holiday season, or toughing out the drive in the winter weather, they are typically more motivated to buy. Another reason would be, it's possible the buyer has been looking all year and hasn't had any luck finding a home. When an offer comes in you know it's going to be solid.

Home looks great! We all know when buying a home our decision is highly based on our emotions. The holiday season is perfect for this because the house looks great! There is something about the snow that makes a house look more cozy then usual. The decorations help the buyers picture what their family holidays will look like. You can help induce that feeling by baking cookies, lighting a fire and adding you favourite decorations to your exterior and interior!

House shopping is a very incredible time in people's lives. Checking out all the potential properties where you will be growing your family can be a very exciting experience. It's important that we look at these 4 tips and implement them right away before we start house shopping. The main reason being is nothing hurts more then finding a house that you fall in love with and after making an offering finding out you can't actually afford the house. Be Prepared so that you are looking for houses in your price range. Here are some quick tips on how to get prepared for house shopping!


With the new rules in place last year for first time buyers having a larger down payment will definitely help your chances at getting the house that you want. Your down payment will provide a good look at what you can afford. If you put anything less then 20% down you will have to insure your mortgage which will affect how much you an actually afford and its essentially throwing money away. Start saving today if you want to get into the market this year. Remember to keep your monthly debts low and no big purchases!


The rules and regulations are always changing. A good way to educated your self would be to talk to your real estate agent as well as your lender for more information. At the same time you should do some research for your self as well to have a better understanding.


Check you credit score before you start to decide to get into the market. A score of 750 is good standing and you shouldn't have any issues. If you have a lower score, work to clear that up a best as you can before you start looking. Checking you score multiple times will red flag you. It's silly but it's considered as you trying to shop around for the lowest price possible because you potentially can't afford it.


This may be obvious to some but a lot of people still go house hunting with a price range of what they think they can afford and when they try to get approved they find out they can't afford the house. Getting pre-approved doesn't mean that you are 100% approved for the price of the home you choose. There are a few factors that come into play when getting a mortgage for a property. In this market houses are going for much more then they are potentially with in the eyes of the lender. Get pre-approved so you have a better idea of what you can afford.